2-3 Person Double-Deck Two-Door Hydraulic Automatic Tent

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This Double-Deck Two-Door Hydraulic Automatic Tent is hydraulically pneumatic. It has a fully automatic hydraulic support mounted on the top, so you can easy to set up or pack away.

Suitable for 2-3 people, this tent has a 180T sliver coating which enhances the waterproofing, and a net to prevent mosquitoes and other insects from entering. It is light weight making the tent easy to carry and store.

The automatic system makes putting up the tent a breeze and offers a more convenient camping experience. 

Perfect for camping, travelling, hiking etc. 

Plus: the outer fly sheet can be used as a sun shade on the beach, in the garden, at the park etc.


1. Large space can lay more people
2. Fully automatic hydraulic tent is more convenient to operate and package
3. Silver coating material enhances the waterproofing
4. Light weight is easier to carry
5. Two doors make the tent have good breathability
6. Screen window can prevent insects


1. Dimensions: (80.71 x 80.71 x 55.12) / (205 x 205 x 140)cm (L x W x H)
2. Weight: 7.15lb / 3.24kg
3. Material: 180T Silver Tape
4. Waterproof Rate: 1500-2000mm
5. Color: Blue
6. Design: Double-Deck, Two-Door and White Mesh Window
7. Stakes: Glass Fiber Rods

Package Includes:

1 x Tent
8 x Stakes
1 x Wind Rope
1 x Handbag

* Please allow 3-5 days for delivery