80" Multi-Level Cat Tree Cat Tower with Condo Beige

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This multi-level cat tower provides the perfect place for your cat to scratch, climb, sleep and play.


1. Multi-level design, a wonderful cat towel to climb on
2. Built with plush platforms and a condo at the base for napping
3. Scratching posts for the cat to safely sharpen its claws without sacrificing the furniture
4. Neutral beige colour fits in nicely with any home decor
5. Constructed of sturdy chipboard for years of durability and stability

1. Material: Hemp Nylon Rope Plush Chipboard
2. Colour: Beige
3. Dimensions: (20.08 x 20.67 x 79.13) / (51 x 52.5 x 201)cm (L x W x H)
4. Weight: 36.38lbs / 16.5kg
Package Includes:

1 x Cat Tree
1 x Package of Screws
1 x Instruction