3 Piece Dog Tennis Ball Launcher Set with Water Bottle and Poop Bag Dispenser

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Grab this three piece set when you're heading out to give your dog some exercise.  The wide range tennis ball launcher ensures your pet gets some great exercise, the water bottle with attached bowl helps keep your pet hydrated and the poop bag dispenser is a must .
  • THREE PIECE OUTDOOR ACTIVITY SET Includes a wide range tennis ball launcher, a travel water bottle and a poop bag dispenser with a small load of bags inside.
  • EASY TO USE – Use them all when you go out with your pet or simply one piece at a time, depending on where you are going and how long you will be there.
  • CAN BE THE PERFECT TOOL TO BUILDING A BOND WITH YOUR PET. Also gives you the opportunity to help them have the amount of exercise needed for a healthy body.
  • SIMPLE AND CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS. Make sure to replace the ball when it wears off, clean the water bottle after use and refill the dispenser as needed.


Ball launcher: 45 Cm long, Travel Water Bottle: 27 Cm long, Waste Bag Dispenser: 7 Cm wide

 Package Content

1 x Tennis Ball Launcher

1 x Travel Water Bottle

1 x Doggy waste pick-up kit

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