Pure2Improve Football Rebounder P2I150020

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The football rebounder made by Pure2Improve can be set to return your shots either over the ground or through the air so you can practise a variety of ball control skills.

Thanks to its exclusive design, the football rebounder can be easily adjusted to different angles for various ball return options.

The netting features a colour-contrasted centre target zone. With the heavy-duty steel tubing, the frame construction is built to last.

The back side is designed for give and go training.Additionally, it's easy to fold for travel or storage. Pure2Improve products help athletes of any level to improve their performance.

Whether you enjoy football, ice skating, hockey or swimming, being in top physical shape will improve your athletic performance and protect you from injuries.

Each sport comes with its own physical demands on your body. You ma

y need training to improve your balance, flexibility or agility to be at the top of your game.